As native to Baltimore, Zach has lived all over Maryland, from the hills of North Baltimore County to the coast of Northern Ocean City. Growing up the son of one of the most respected land developers and home builders in Baltimore, Zach was immersed in real estate at a very early age. Shortly after attending Limestone College and serving as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Zach quickly went to work in the real estate industry. 

Zach is most known for his strong presence, stellar reputation and his relentless commitment to his clients. Also, known for his vast business network and unbridled work ethic, Zach has quickly become a leading luxury agent in Maryland and Delaware. 


Zach has been married for over 10 years and lives in Northern Ocean City, Maryland with his wife, Maja, and their five children.  Zach’s passions include travel, design and outdoor adventure.

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